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A manuscript commissioned by Akbar on Christ was copied several times over, one of these is particularly rich in illustrations.

With all this, however possibly because of all this, it is not easy to take one’s eyes off these images. They are truly fascinating. For so much more is reflected in this “Mirror of Holiness” than the sacred narrative of an Exalted life.


She walked on.

Like a single thread of thought… I dream of you everyday.

She was a beautiful Dreamer. A kind of girl who kept her heads in clouds, loved above the stars and left regret beneath the earth. She’s a flame with an unforgettable glow. She does everything with passion stained hands. And she feels everything all at once or not at all. The world isn’t ready for havoc in her blood and the storm on her skin… But she doesn’t stop for anyone; and walked with thunder in her shoes.

And In the waves of change, she found her true direction.


She had an ethereal glow about her…

She is so beautiful who see beautiful in everything. She always loved the things that the rest of the world forgot, snails and slugs and the broken flowers. She was just herself and the world loved her for this. All her perfect imperfectness made her the most beautiful creature. And the stars blinked as they watch her carefully, jealous of her shine. She consumed me with inspiration, but she was no muse. She was the brush stroke of my every word,

It’s that heart of gold, & stardust soul that make you beautiful